Thursday 21st February 2013

What do you get with a brisk Easterly wind and a bitterly cold day? What you get is some brilliant flying weather!

It was a very slow start with only 6 members on site by 10am and very little enthusiasm to fly. But the field had dried out really well and we could even do a 2 cable full out and so with a little persuasion (ok a lot) we finally got the toys out on the understanding we would finish at lunch time. We only took one 13 to the far end which was the correct decision at the time with the numbers on site but a decision we were to regret later.

The first flight was as expected until the downwind leg when we flew through some good lift. The second flight was much better gaining some 400′ and lasting 15mins. From then on for the lucky ones it just got better with Humph and Pete getting to 2300′ with a 28min flight before lunch. We decided to stop for a warm up in the clubhouse and after lunch Phil Pa. and lucky me as ballast managed 32min and 2700′ (Sorry Humph).

We really could have done with another K13 as 4 more members had turned up but by the time we landed nearly all the lift had gone. Not a lot of launches but we had a great day with some very unexpected flying, Well worth the effort and I think we all learned a lesson, if it looks flyable give it a go cos you never know.

And finally many thanks to Phil P who stood in at the very last minute as duty instructor.

See you soon, Steve.