Flying report 19/10/14

Final Turn in K21What a day’s flying!

The forecast told us that it was going to be an interesting day with a very stiff breeze from the south west but the turn-out of members was very good with many of our new and junior members on site early.

Daily briefing was underway by 0920 and everyone was out on the field immediately afterward. Due to the challenging conditions, only the club’s K21 was employed with a 2-crew rule all day. Launches were very impressive if a little rough. On one occasion, an expertly driven Skylaunch delivered the K21 to 1950 feet above the airfield.

The enthusiasm was notable, the launchpoint crowded to the point that Control had to ask members to move out of the way to afford a better view of the operation. With only 1 aircraft in use, the operation was a continuous cycle of launch, soar and retrieve. Although the golf buggy decided it had had enough by early afternoon, we pressed on with the tractor to the end of the day.

Despite a single-line, single aircraft, dual-crew operation, we flew everyone in 18 enjoyable flights and provided some valuable experience for our new members.