Busy Tuesday 10th Jan

We were very lucky with the weather today, it was much better than we expected with sunshine for most of the day. The cloud base stayed around 17 – 1800′ but with plenty of gaps it was never a problem for very long. We had a brilliant day with most of the Gliders being used non-stop. The launches were very good as predicted with cloud base easily attainable.

Total Launches  45
Longest Flight    14mins. by David (nice to see you back) Clark.
Total Flight time 5hr. 26mins.
Average Flight Time  8mins.

Many thanks to Alan who we “Hot Berthed” for most of the day and to Nick J. for flying all the members that Alan could not, it meant several members were able to take advantage of the “Buy 3 get 1 free” winter offer. Good for them and good for the club. Without both of their hard work it would not have been possible.