New 8.33kHz Gliding Frequencies from 3rd January 2019

The CAA has notified the updated frequencies to be used by glider traffic from 3rd January 2019.

The original frequencies and their updated frequencies are as follows:

Original FrequencyFrequency from 3/1/19Primary UseSecondary Use
129.975MHz129.980MHzCommon Glider Field Frequency As a situational awareness/control frequency within a 10 NM radius and up to a height of 3,000 ft above certain approved airfields.
130.100MHz130.105MHzSituational AwarenessCompetition Start/Finish
130.125MHz130.130MHzCross Country TrainingCompetition Start/Finish
130.400MHz130.405MHzCloud FlyingOther Situational Awareness
129.900MHz129.905MHzGround To Ground (Ground Retrieval Purposes Only)

The complete list of sporting frequencies which will change are listed in CAP1606.

The Diversion & Distress frequency 121.5MHz will remain permanently on 25kHz spacing.

Also, a reminder that our neighbours at EGBW Wellesbourne have already made the change from 124.025MHz to their new 8.33kHz frequency 124.030MHz.

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