Monday 22nd July – Friday 26th July Opening

The Club will be open each day this week under the supervision of a Senior Club Pilot (SCP).

The SCP will run the field but there can be NO INSTRUCTION of any sort undertaken. That means we cannot take Trial Lessons or undertake check flights or site checks or conduct any ab-initio training etc.

P1 Flying is restricted to pilots holding a Bronze C + Cross Country endorsement  (EASA Licence standard). Pilots must be current on winch launch and the glider type they are flying. No authorisation for cross country flights in club gliders may be given, although this may be obtained if the CFI can be contacted.

If you do not fit the EASA Licence criteria, you will still be able to get airborne but it would need to be with a suitably rated pilot, flying to their privileges, BUT NOT PROVIDING INSTRUCTION. This is a strict requirement and MUST BE COMPLIED WITH in these circumstances.

This weeks SCPs are :

Monday – Geoff G

Tuesday – Nick J

Wednesday – Steve P

Thursday – Chris B

Friday – Daniel B