Tuesday 1 November 2011

To quote Steve (Pearce) who kindly sent me this update “what a day that was”! In fact, it was the best doughnut day ever.

Although the weather was a bit disappointing early on, the rain cleared away by 9:15 and everyone had a brilliant day with wall to wall sunshine and some good thermal flights from 11.00 onwards.

The cloud base was between 1,000ft and 1400ft early on with lots of gaps between the clouds so we got to fly round the clouds after launch. Later the cloud base rose to few thousand feet.

Key facts and figures for the day are:

  • 53 launches
  • 35 members on the flying list – the doughnuts ran out fast!
  • a total of 7 hours 30 minutes flying time
  • longest flight was flown by Humph (31 minutes), closely followed by Pete the Meat (28 minutes) and Vic who had 27 minutes in the Skylark

Thanks again to Steve for organising everything and for sending me these updates, Alan who was instructing and Pete who was duty marshall for most of the day. What an extraordinary day for November.