The Wire May 2001

The Newsletter of Stratford Gliding Club

Issue 20, May 2001


The News Letter

The News of the Month is that the Club opened for flying, with the expected restrictions, on Saturday 5th May. The main change which prompted this was the fact that Warwickshire County Council reopened Charlecote Park.

Within a week of opening, James Ward got the season off to a bright start by flying his first solo.


Conditions for Flying

The conditions under which we can fly are:

  •  Disinfect on the way to and from the airfield
  •  No cars on the airfield
  •  No members of the public
  •  No dogs
  •  No livestock handlers
  •  No people from infected land

Members of the public are excluded because we need to control access, and we don’t have that control in the case of casual visitors. We hope that this will be relaxed soon, because we can’t run, or even sell, evenings and courses while it is in place.


Opening Times

We didn’t quite manage to start the seven-day operation on 5th May, because we didn’t get the good news until Friday evening. As a result, we opened full time starting on 12th May.

However, we’re closed Monday-Friday 21st-25th May, because that’s the week that a large number of members are visiting Sutton Bank.


WeatherJack is Coming

Jack Harrison is coming to talk to us for a couple of hours on June 14th at 19:30 in the Snitterfield Village Hall. Jack runs the WeatherJack web site,

which is the best site for soaring weather forecasts in the UK.

Jack gives a lot of these presentations, so it promises to be a very interesting evening, with a chance to find out more than you want to know about pilots’ weather.

To give us some idea how many are coming, please scribble on the sheet in the Clubhouse, or email the CFI. We’re also sending out invitations to Shenington and Bidford.

If you can, please share transport, because parking is going to be very tight. We might have to organise a Park-And-Ride from the entrance to the airfield, more details nearer the date.


Subs are Due

The usual month’s grace for payment of subs has been extended to the end of May. After that, you won’t be able to fly unless you pay up.


April Meeting

The April meeting was attended by about 70 members. The discussion, led by the CFI, was mainly about where members were currently flying, and what the Club could do to assist.

The plan to move en masse to Enstone was shelved, because there is an infected area nearby that we might get stuck in, and because the organisation required wasn’t seen as being worth the candle.

Most members who were flying were going to Bidford or Shenington, and there was no real consensus which of the two was preferable.

The conclusion was to leave things as they are. However, since Shenington were without aerotow at the time, it was decided to leave the K21 and the Junior at Bidford.


Aircraft News

The Fleet

The K18 is back from its refurbishment, with a splendid new livery and a tail wheel. The two-seaters and the K8 are all serviceable, with new instrumentation. The Junior was grounded for a short while by an inspection AD.


We’ve adopted a recent Recommended Practice from the BGA, that all pilots must wear a serviceable parachute. We now have twelve Club chutes, one for each seat and one spare.

Ground Kit

The kit suffered a bit while we were closed, partly from standing idle, and partly from vandalism. All three winches are serviceable but need a little work, one of the Land Rovers is away for repair, and all the tractors are ok now that the Kubota has been repaired.

State of the Airfield

The airfield is quite good condition, with unrestricted operation possible at both ends. However, the ground is still full of water, so heavy rain could easily change this.

Cross-Country Flying

The BGA has condoned limited cross-country flying. Flights must always be in range of open gliding sites, and pilots must be individually approved by the Duty Instructor. Full details are on the CFI’s notice board.

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